About Me

I tell stories. Journalist or content creator, communications professional or marketer — the title changes, but the focus remains. Shape words, conjure images, lead the imagination, stick the landing in the mind’s eye. Ignite emotion — possibly laughter, hopefully excitement — and inspire thought.

As a journalist, my work has appeared in the Toronto Sun, Le Journal de Montreal, 24 Hours Vancouver, the Ottawa Sun, the London Free Press, the Calgary Sun, the Edmonton Sun, Le Journal de Quebec, the St. Catherine’s Standard, and The Kingston Whig Standard, as well as in more than other 200 other papers and sites, totaling more than 10 million readers. News organizations that have responded to and then reported my work include NBC News, Access Hollywood, TV Guide, The Independent, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, the New York Post, and the New York Daily News.

I’ve trudged the snowy sidewalks of Park City during the Sundance film festival, and navigated the costumed crowds of San Diego’s Comic Con. Along the way, I have interviewed A-listers including Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Jeff Bridges, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx, Ryan Reynolds, and Seth Rogen, as well as late legends Robin Williams and Betty White. I chatted with then-unknowns Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Carrie Mulligan, and Tatiana Maslany well before their career-defining roles.

Ask me sometime about the time Will Ferrell banned me.

As a creative director, copywriter, and digital marketing professional, I ensure the messaging is as concise as the copy. For a broad range of industries — from energy to luxury real estate — I have drafted print and online communications to promote the company’s brand, image, and values. My time as a journalist is an asset when approaching media relations and public relations — as is my experience as a radio and TV contributor.

Originally from Canada, I relocated to the sun and surf of Southern California a few years ago alongside Gatsby, a border collie mix who is very charming but may have killed a man once.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis